Welcome to my blog! I live in the lovely Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, and I like to bill myself as an author, poet, composer, musician and linguist. I’m currently studying to be a high school English and Music teacher at Western Sydney University.

Set in Central Asia, Stroke the Tiger’s Tail is my first novella.

I lived for a handful of years in Central Asia, learning language and experiencing the generous hospitality that is a fundamental of Central Asian culture. During that time I received requests from individuals to “tell our story” and it is these invitations which embolden me to request forgiveness for the presumptuous nature of this undertaking.

I loved working on Stroke the Tigers Tail. The writing of it took me back to a time and place that was very dear to me. No one person’s particular life story is told in Stroke the Tiger’s Tail. The book is fictional. But I owe the cultural and geographic information to my time in Central Asia. 

It is far and away my desire and preference to see Central Asian people write their own original stories for a world audience. So if that describes you, introduce yourself to me through this blog, and I’ll be your biggest fan.

You’ll find the beginnings of the book on this site, beginning with the prologue [which comes with an adults only warning] then Chapter 1: The Call, part 1.

Keep reading and clicking on the coloured links that say [next] to follow the story. Eventually you will come to an invitation to buy the ebook.

Along the way I will include a few interludes of stand-alone blog writing. Like this one on the fascinating topic of my beanie. Or this one on dogs that eat their own ear wax.

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