My dissonances are beautiful

No doubt you are all champing at the bit to hear my latest musical composition.

It is a three-minute flute solo called Open Hole Fretting. I had originally intended the work to be played with a simple guitar piece written earlier in the semester entitled FrettingTurns out that commitment to predefined structure is not a big priority for me at the pointy end of the semester, and I have had to let the flute do what a flute wants to do, giving up on the idea of a duet. Nevertheless, for musical theorists there remains enough relation between the two separate works to fill an essay. But who wants to do that when it is not prescribed by the Learning Guide? Not me. I’m an artist. A mature-aged, undergrad artist. And you, you are the listener. The listener of the world wide web:

[Think about buying my book, Stroke the Tiger’s Tail. All royalties go towards assisting those fleeing war and persecution. You can buy it from amazon or my createspace site.]


Buy my book. Help people fleeing war and persecution.

FeaturedBuy my book. Help people fleeing war and persecution.


There is a name given to girl children which means “pomegranate flower”. Anargul. You have to live in a land of pomegranate trees to give a name like that. You have to understand the pomegranate flower is the most beautiful of all blossoms. It opens out red from the bud like a woman shaking out the wrinkles of a silk skirt.

Proceeds from the sale of Stroke the Tiger’s Tail are being donated to the Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group. BMRSG provide financial assistance to refugees and asylum seekers in Sydney.

So buy my book and not only will you love my story, you will also be helping to underwrite the following expenses for some of Sydney’s most vulnerable people – refugees and asylum seekers:

Medical expenses
Goods such as pillows and rice cookers
Electricity costs
Transport costs
Telephone cards

Escape to Central Asia in your mind. Help people who are fleeing war and persecution. What is not to love?  – Ramona Kennedy. 

Not sure if Stroke the Tiger’s Tail is going to be your kind of novel? Well, a campaign like this would be incomplete without…testimonials!

Reader 1:

I have just finished reading this wonderful book and I strongly recommend it to you all. It will take you by the heart into the life, secrets and culture of a (fictional) Central Asian family. Ramona writes the sights, smells, tastes, sounds and textures of these people in a way that makes them feel like your own family. She knows a lot because she lived there for many years. I know a little now, because she has shared so vibrantly and respectfully and beautifully.

Reader 2:

It sneaks up on you in a gentle but real way. So beautifully constructed. It got right into me and at points brought me to tears.

Reader 3:

Oh wow. Just finished! The whole book! I couldn’t put it down! Awesome ending! Loved it! Thank you Ramona!

Still can’t decide? Read the prologue and first few chapters of Stroke the Tiger’s Tail here on this blog.

I’ve read the excerpts. Now hurry up and take my money!

Excellent. Stroke the Tiger’s Tail is available as a paperback, for kindle and ibook.

Here’s how to get a copy:

Paperback copies can be bought by following this link to Amazon’s CreateSpace. The book is also on Amazon, but if you buy from the CreateSpace site more money goes to the Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group.

Prefer the electronic version?

There are a couple of ways to obtain the electronic version of Stroke the Tiger’s Tail:

Do you own a Kindle, or use the Kindle app on your device?

Click on this link to buy the kindle version of Stroke the Tiger’s Tail from Amazon.

Do you use an apple device like a macbook or ipad? You can choose this option to get the ebook:

  1. You donate to Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group’s Everyday Hero donation page, giving at least $12. If you can afford it, give $20. One person gave $150, which was very cool indeed. 🙂 Make sure your donation is not anonymous, so I can see you have paid.
  2. Then email me at, telling me you have donated for the book.
  3. I will send you an “.epub” file attached to an email.
  4. You load the file into your device by clicking on the “.epub” file in your email. Your device will offer to send it directly to iBooks.
  5. Job done. Relax and read about Central Asia, feeling righteous that apart from transaction fees all of the money has gone to help people fleeing war and persecution.