My dissonances are beautiful

No doubt you are all champing at the bit to hear my latest musical composition.

It is a three-minute flute solo called Open Hole Fretting. I had originally intended the work to be played with a simple guitar piece written earlier in the semester entitled FrettingTurns out that commitment to predefined structure is not a big priority for me at the pointy end of the semester, and I have had to let the flute do what a flute wants to do, giving up on the idea of a duet. Nevertheless, for musical theorists there remains enough relation between the two separate works to fill an essay. But who wants to do that when it is not prescribed by the Learning Guide? Not me. I’m an artist. A mature-aged, undergrad artist. And you, you are the listener. The listener of the world wide web:

[Think about buying my book, Stroke the Tiger’s Tail. All royalties go towards assisting those fleeing war and persecution. You can buy it from amazon or my createspace site.]


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