A campaign like this would be incomplete without…testimonials!!

So this is a page to record what people have been saying about Stroke the Tiger’s Tail. I’ll add comments to this page as I receive them.

Reader 1:

I have just finished reading this wonderful book and I strongly recommend it to you all. It will take you by the heart into the life, secrets and culture of a (fictional) Central Asian family. Ramona writes the sights, smells, tastes, sounds and textures of these people in a way that makes them feel like your own family. She knows a lot because she lived there for many years. I know a little now, because she has shared so vibrantly and respectfully and beautifully.

Reader 2:

It sneaks up on you in a gentle but real way. So beautifully constructed. It got right into me and at points brought me to tears.

Reader 3:

Oh wow. Just finished! The whole book! I couldn’t put it down! Awesome ending! Loved it! Thank you Ramona!

Here’s a review of Stroke the Tiger’s Tail that a reader put up on Amazon:

This is a haunting and beautiful read. Haunting in its portrayal of pain and shame within a family, beautiful in its description of a culture so far removed from my own, and yet so familiar. As a reader I was drawn into the lives of the characters with all of my senses and with growing empathy. This is the first work of fiction I’ve read from this author. I trust there will be more to come.

And here’s what someone posted on Stroke the Tiger’s Tail’s Facebook Page:

I recommend it as a great read if you love a good yarn and like to be immersed in a culture far away. It is a story you will not easily forget.

What about you? Have you read Stroke the Tiger’s Tail? What did you think?


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